Merry Star Wars

I just watched the new Rogue One movie lastnight and subsequently like I always do after a movie I immediately wikipedia’d it, then read greater film watcher reviews to see if I missed out on something. An interesting review I came upon was Hulk smasher or something where one particular point I disagree with considerably. Apparently, as I read through the comments, I wasn’t the only one who disagreed.
— Spoiler–
The Hallway scene with Vader. The reviewer’s complaint was;

Too bad it’s after our climax has already occurred. It’s a sequence where we already know exactly what’s going to happen (the plans are going to get to Leia) and involves a bunch of faceless nobodies. This just turns into gore horror movie logic. Let’s show the “bad guy” character we indulgently like kicking ass! Which is why people clap and cheer, all as part of the most puerile reversing and misunderstanding of Vader-worship. To me, it’s the exact same kind of bastardization as the pun, but this time the betrayal is for indulgent bullshit. You can say this is an extreme opinion, but I am not backing down from this.


The reviews main critique is the lack of meaningful conclusion or wrap-up of Vader coming down and destroying everybody, or specifically our main characters. As a dramatic effect it would be way more interesting to see him destroy Rogue Ones main heros rather than the Red shirts. My suspicion is the author is somewhat young and missed the original showings of Star Wars. Vader is a guard dog. He’s the Emperors apprentice. He doesn’t run anything really.

Of course in the bureaucracy of the Imperium he’s pretty high up there. But infact Tarkin is higher in rank than him. Atleast in a Lizardperson kind of way. Officially yes, Unofficially no. Vader is the guy you send in as a heavy hand to get shit done now. The opening crawl in the beginning of a new hope shows nothing more than “rebel spies” stealing plans during a battle, more Red shirts. If we swing back to Rogue One, we’ll see our Spies were quite literally, just that.

Rogue’d in a hope to steal plans no-body believes are attainable..if they even exist. Vader is on the other side of the Galaxy, or well, brooding on a lava planet he himself got burnt to hell on. By the time the Fireworks start up, the rebel fleet is in full force bombarding Scarif.

Tarkin shows up in the Death Star once he hears the news and calls for Vader too. It’s obvious that Tarkin isn’t going to throw Vader down crush a handful of randos in desperation…Particularly because he decides to just obliterate their database. Does Vader even care about what goes on on that planet? Vader was called in to get rid of the Rebels right now. The fleet hanging around in orbit.

What makes Vader even more badass is the very fact he shows up personally on the main flagship to kill everyone with his own hands. We collectively in pop culture have this idea that Vader is the most hardcore badass there to complete some prophecy about balance to the force but was turned to the dark side. Which really, Maybe the prophecy was bringing balance to the dark side…If you all remember there were only a couple siths out there…and atleast 30 jedis…Maybe the Force is just bad at math and made a  Super Sayian Sith to bring balance?

Anyways, I segway. The point I’m getting at, Vader is a guard dog badass. But we just know his reputation as being a badass. We’ve never actually seen it. The Hallway scene indulges us in getting to see him wreck peoples respective shit. Shows the futility of the Rebels against the Imperium might and shows Vader is so scary. He’s some crazy religious fucker who personally boards spaceships and kills people with a laser sword and magic.