So I have a 3d printer I designed myself. It’s a machine I planned to use, to make a little cash here and there and help me with machine projects. It also helped me release other realities, namely how you’re never really an engineer unless you’ve built something….completely wrong. Anyways, thats a discussion for another day. 3d printing is a FDM (fused deposited material) process, or an additive process. You’re building something from the ground up to the geometry you want, not taking something and cutting it away until you have said geometry. In 3d printings case, I taking a PLA (a corn based plastic) and melt it like a gluegun and accurately move it around until my object is built. Unfortunately, melting things usually released particles and gases from within melted thing. Plastic of course is no different and these particulates bother me. Though some people on the internets seem to thing that it’s perfectly fine, No worse than breathing smoke from frying foods….buuuut those are internet people and as far as safety goes. as long as you feel safe, and I don’t feel safe just plainly breathing plastic particulates.

So I built a box.







I’ll add myself some filters, or ducting directly outside to keep my lungs nice and clean in my tiny apartment, I haven’t decided yet.

Unfortunately, although I now have a fancy new box for my machine. I have set myrself for other problems.

3d printers need electronics to work. A real time processor to do all the maths to move the motors where they need to be. The Reprap community has been using different kinds of controllers over the years, Usually some kind of arduino with RAMPS or other kinds of shields. I got into something else however, when I was starting to build my machine ages ago.

Namely a 32bit controller called Smoothieboard. I was one of the first people on the order list for this badass 32bit beast from the states/France

It’s modular and fast. Here’s a quote from the website and a nice picture of my original beta board.

Smoothie is a free, opensource, high performance and modular G-code interpreter and CNC control system for the Smoothieboard32bits controller. The motion control part’s ancient ancestor is the awesome grbl. The Source code is on GitHub. ヾ(❀◦◡◦)彡”








Yeah Baby.

Well anyways I killed it. ;_; Why? Well it’s a bad lession in wiring….let me just show you.









So what happened? That little bit of wire hanging out touched one of the open pins on my controller, shooting 12volts of electricity in a nanosecond straight to my smoothies CPU….a 3.3volt CPU the LPC1768…Which obliterated it. So lesson is? Build a case immediately around your super expensive precious controllers. Or wire your shit properly and dont let things hang out. 


Which I guess is a life lession in of itself anyways.



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