Cheap or cleaver?


There is something called the “Dokumente” in the city where I live…it’s some giant art festival that is surprisingly world wide. Once every 5 years it shows up and my tiny city of 250k turns into a million person city for 3 months during the summer. Interestingly I was approached by a new friend of mine Valeria if I was interested in doing an exhibit with her for the duration of the Dokumente. I gladly said yes of course. I would never turn down the chance to do something arty, and be able to use the chance to make something.

So I’m going to be working on a few things and I’ll post updates as things go. Today actually for part of the project, an animatronic tentacle, I need some aluminium parts for each “vertebrae” I’ll add pictures as things come along again.

Anyways, so I was going to buy only find out they are /absurdly/ expensive, and I need a whoooole bunch. I could have them machine at my lab. But thats also expensive. and well kinda pointless for something that doesn’t reallllly need to be highly precision machined.

So I opted to make them myself. They’re just ∅20mm discs with some holes drilled’em  afterall. Also it’s nice to do something with my own hands once in a while. I would expect people like Stan Winston ¹ would do it this way.

Today I cut up all my little discs out of a shaft of aluminium..all 5mm thick. Buuuut if anyones cut metal on a saw, they have lots of burs on all the edges. A persons gotta file all those edges down. Uff. Yeah fuck that.


So I built a tumbler!


But I’m lazy. Even with a 3d printer that’s gonna take time to make some kind of thing to hook up to my DC motor…I guess I could just spin the thing around for hoursish by hand (which I did in the beginning) Then I realized I had some maxxon motors laying around I could very easily wire to my power supply.


Some bearings and a little super glue and Whala! A very slow and cheap and suuuuper inefficient tumbler!

He’s a video of it in action.

Just Majestic. e^{\sqrt{2}}