Mighty Max Lives 2/3

I’ve been workin’ away on projects and being a half way good student…but terrible person. But in the meantime I’ve managed to get something done on Mighty Max. My Smoothieboard 0X showed up finally and I got straight to work on putting in in place.

Smoothieboard being an opensource CNC controller that runs smoothieware (also open source). They recently 6 axis simultaneous movement to the board so it became a real good candidate to use on the mighty max. I personally love the project, and am more than willing to throw the board in anything I can.

Here’s the 0X dropped into place connected to some drivers (DRV8825s)…They’ll be replaced with some Geckos eventually.



Anyways, without further a due, Mighty Max with two rotational functional axis

And for your viewing pleasure, I nice little video if it doing some stuff