Dokumenta14 Updates #2

It’s the third week since the beginning of the exhibit I’ve been sharing with Valeria and some things have changed, been updated and the like.

First of the likes is the promised dipped skull and it’s development.

that was after 12 dips. I expected a particular kind of development, mostly that after enough layers some kind of face would be developed. Even surprisingly a nose! Though some more needs to be done…the mouth and the horn shouldn’t really be there at all.

Second of likes:

Maybe it’s part of the first likes. Either way it’s the parts that were dipped last week.

This is after the first cycle. They don’t really look spectacular in the first dippings, although you can see the skull then compared to the skull now.

Tomorrow, I will make a mother post about the upgrade to the animatronics.



Documenta14 Updates

We had our official exhibition this past friday. Everything went pretty well, my robots didn’t explode, or burn anything down…Not that that should happen…but well, old machines can just…give up sometimes. I updated the dokumenta14 page with some photos…but here I’d like to post a video and a photo of what my robot actually does. There is also a little preview of whats to come in the following weeks.


The videos came from facebook, and Jan Hendrik Neumann, But they’re some nice videos. I may replace them later.


And for the small preview, for next week.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

One of my favourite movies of all time. Who Framed Roger Rabbit it’s a film that was absolute truth and evidence that cartoons were real live, living things.

Welllll not quite. But it sure as hell was a film that tests the sands of time and definitely holds up. If you get the chance check it out. But for those who already have seen or atleast know the film, I found an interesting tidbit about some of it’s animation tricks and general laws of the films universe.

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A Message from the Space Pope

I’m a huge fan of films…I’ve always wanted to work in the industry to produce films. Sorta like my all time man crush, Adam Savage. So When I found out about this project I was thrilled. Rather I should say film, because it’s already completed! It’s a fan fiction film of Futurama done in live action. Which is unfathomable really. I posted the links to the trailer, the film itself and a behind the scenes. Please enjoy! Continue reading “A Message from the Space Pope”

Merry Star Wars

I just watched the new Rogue One movie lastnight and subsequently like I always do after a movie I immediately wikipedia’d it, then read greater film watcher reviews to see if I missed out on something. An interesting review I came upon was Hulk smasher or something where one particular point I disagree with considerably. Apparently, as I read through the comments, I wasn’t the only one who disagreed.
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Finally, I’ve stopped being so lazy, and built a website. Mostly here to show some of the things I do…categorize…maybe log some part of my life.

Though, it’s still a sloooow work.


Have a look around, see the sights. I’d suggest making a comment, but I don’t allow them..\mathrm{e}^{\sqrt{2}}