2017-18 Cross over recap.

Been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Mostly busy with working on my projects. An upcoming Cube that should become pretty interesting. I’ll post about it once things actually get somewhere..This time I’m waiting until parts actually show up.

I did some handwork a few weeks ago, making some masks. Which I’ll make a full post about one of these days. This was the end product.

These I 3d printed and eventually filled, sanded and painted.


Lizard Truth is finally a small business! Registered not only just a few weeks ago. Though maybe completely useless. As the reasons for making the business fell apart. But we’ll see.


I started to design an overcomplicated and over expensive laser cutter, and I even paid for it…We’ll see if it ever ends up going anywhere. But a fun project regardless.

I’ll attempt to document my laser cutter. As I build. But not promising 😉

Reverse Copy Huntng

So, back in the day, when I first started making this website…nearly a year now, so my host provider tells me (cause they wanna get paid) I threw up some random image (The Mary lizard) I found once while duckduckgoing “lizard truth” I couldn’t find an original creator for it. Thankfully for metadata saved in the file, aswell as it’s original file name, the original creator in an attempt to check who stole their shit was able to find my website! And instead of being a dick like most IP owners, they very politely emailed me to tell me who they were and provided me finally a link with their content up for sale. So I very gratefully  updated their credit and now want to share with the rest of you This random internet persons redbubble. Please support this artist!


Thanks again HiddenStash for not being an asshole!


Oh here is their internet website