Experiments I've found or performed.

  • Mighty Max Lives 2/3

    I’ve been workin’ away on projects and being a half way good student…but terrible person. But in the meantime I’ve managed to get something done on Mighty Max. My Smoothieboard 0X showed up finally and I got straight to work on putting in in place.

  • Mighty Max C-Axis and Igus

    I mentioned in Accelstepper that I had been working on a 5 Axis platform for a laser cutting project. Well I’ve sent the drawings in and parts are slowly starting to come! We’ve already ordered and have many of the smaller parts…motors, drivers, (not yet controller….that’ll be another post) and the rotary parts for our rotational axis Namely the C-axis…Remember the ABC are the ones the rotate around our XYZ.

  • Accelstepper

    For work I’ve been designing a 5 axis laser cutter and since all machines deserve a name I deemed the machine to be called The Mighty Max.  Its from one of those shows I used to watch and buy toys from as a child where I’m not sure if the accompanying toys came before or after the show. Anyways. We’ve basically completely finished the C axis…which is the rotational axis around the Z axis in a Cartesian coordinate system like so: And we’d like to start testing initial designs to ensure we’ve actually got something going on here. So I decided to […]

  • Exciting research day

    Today I’ll be experimenting on a “ideal magnetic kreis” mainly to see if a person can get any kind of worthwhile pull in one direction or another from my super magnet. Magnetics itself is a phenominoooo—…thing that has always interested me…actually probably like any science person. You can have a force interact with an object straight through the air without ever having to touch it. It’s pretty damn cool really.