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For work I’ve been designing a 5 axis laser cutter and since all machines deserve a name I deemed the machine to be called The Mighty Max Its from one of those shows I used to watch and buy toys from as a child where I’m not sure if the accompanying toys came before or after the show. Anyways. We’ve basically completely finished the C axis…which is the rotational axis around the Z axis in a Cartesian coordinate system like so:

And we’d like to start testing initial designs to ensure we’ve actually got something going on here. So I decided to break out the arduino and some other little hardware bits to see if I can get something going and here’s my experience doing it.

So like a good little science person, one should have an idea to follow.

What do we want to do?

  • Test stepper motors
  • Count steps
  • be able to send requests for steps
  • Return to original position
  • Adjust speed and or acceleration
  • must be usable with any kind of step/dir driver

So the easiest way to do any of this is really using an arduino and someone elses stepper library. Which thankfully one exists! The Accelstepper library which supports all sorts of banana things, but most interestingly is that it right off the bat crosses off three things off the wanted list.

  • Test stepper motors
  • Count steps 
  • be able to send requests for steps
  • Return to original position
  • Adjust speed and or acceleration
  • must be usable with any kind of step/dir driver

The other two things I want are just arduino things. I have an arduino M0 at home, which is a 32bit Uno shape/style board

So those are gone to.

This is my code for the arduino m0…We include the Accelstepper library set it’s max speed, accel and set the serial speed aswell (since the m0 is so super fast, we can easily afford to bump the baudrate…

#include AccelStepper.h;
// Define a stepper and the pins it will use
AccelStepper stepper(1, 9, 8);
long steps = 0;
void setup()
stepper.setMaxSpeed(51200); //steps per second
// stepper.setSpeed(9600);
void loop() {
if (SerialUSB.available() > 0) {
steps = SerialUSB.parseInt();
while (stepper.distanceToGo() != 0) {
// Serial.println(stepper.currentPosition());;

This will let me with arduinos Serial monitor in the IDE send a command at how many steps I want to move in one direction or another, count them, move with accel in that direction and then let me go back to 0 and hopefully go back to its original position. (it does)

Here’s a video and some pictures on the breadboard


A Message from the Space Pope

I’m a huge fan of films…I’ve always wanted to work in the industry to produce films. Sorta like my all time man crush, Adam Savage. So When I found out about this project I was thrilled. Rather I should say film, because it’s already completed! It’s a fan fiction film of Futurama done in live action. Which is unfathomable really. I posted the links to the trailer, the film itself and a behind the scenes. Please enjoy! Continue reading “A Message from the Space Pope”

Merry Star Wars

I just watched the new Rogue One movie lastnight and subsequently like I always do after a movie I immediately wikipedia’d it, then read greater film watcher reviews to see if I missed out on something. An interesting review I came upon was Hulk smasher or something where one particular point I disagree with considerably. Apparently, as I read through the comments, I wasn’t the only one who disagreed.
— Spoiler– Continue reading “Merry Star Wars”

Math Monkey

φI study mechanical engineering, as anyone who knows me know. I’m pretty bad at it. Hence this website….One thing I’ve noticed, and discussed with others is the entire lack of…speciality in subjects, or specifically. explanations of things. Any Google-fu’er can tell you, the more indepth you get into a subject the harder it can be to find real answers. A Recent subject for me, while looking into/researching vibration engineering for a 5 axis laser cutter I’ve been working on was “reactionary forces“. Often described by Newtons impulsesatz as m\: \ddot{x} = \displaystyle\sum_{i=1}^{n}\,F_i + Z_i Where Z_i is the reactionary force. I’m the last person in the world…or well maybe second last who should be asked what its all about. But basically to conserve energy in a system, you need it…but it doesn’t really exist. ‘Cause it’s virtual or some bullshit.

Anyways, it’s something that I’ve only ever had to calculate once, for a single assignment, and never had to do again. So I figured I’d write a little about it. Mostly because it was frustrating, but interesting at the same time. This is math heavy post btw. Continue reading “Math Monkey”

Exciting research day

Today I’ll be experimenting on a “ideal magnetic kreis” mainly to see if a person can get any kind of worthwhile pull in one direction or another from my super magnet.

Magnetics itself is a phenominoooo—…thing that has always interested me…actually probably like any science person. You can have a force interact with an object straight through the air without ever having to touch it. It’s pretty damn cool really.

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Finally, I’ve stopped being so lazy, and built a website. Mostly here to show some of the things I do…categorize…maybe log some part of my life.

Though, it’s still a sloooow work.


Have a look around, see the sights. I’d suggest making a comment, but I don’t allow them..\mathrm{e}^{\sqrt{2}}