So you’ve managed to get yourself to my website somehow….I’m happy you came, but you’re probably wondering…Lizard what?

I’m a Jack of all Trades kinda guy. I’m attempting to study mechanical engineering…I dabble in some electronics stuff and try to mix them both with animatronics. I’m deeply inspired by Adam Savage. Like probably most people who grew up following sciences and watching Myth Busters…

On top of that I make some jewelry when I’m inspired…the advent of SLS 3d printing made jewelry making a synch, so Now I don’t even need to own the rest of the of the machines to do it by hand…Though, there are other issues that come along with that.

Finally I try to make some artwork when I get the chance….over the years I’ve helped architecture students realize their models with machines I’ve built…and artists realize their projects with machines and things I’ve built for them. If you feel like my help would be beneficial to you, then please feel free to contact me. Through the power of the internet, I don’t even need to live in the same city!